Grace Chickasha offers a comprehensive range of rehabilitative and personal services addressing the needs of people who have experienced serious injury, illness or surgical complications – or who no longer are able to care for themselves. We take pride in serving you and working to making your life better, whether you are focused on returning to your own home or you now call our home your own. ​ If rehabilitation is what the physician has ordered, you will find a rehabilitation program that fits each person's unique goals. In our Medicare-certified community, we offer services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We respect your individual needs and are committed to providing you with compassionate and dignified care. It is our daily commitment to excel in the physical care of the people we serve, helping patients restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit physical disabilities from injuries or disease. ​ When your loved one is unable to live independently at home, we offer daily care from a team of skilled clinicians. The most common needs of residents at skilled nursing centers include daily medical management and assistance with activities of daily living. Our Long Term Care environment emphasizes interaction with other people as well as with a variety of animals and plants. Opportunities to interact with a young child, to tend a garden or to care for a resident pet provide a powerful antidote for the loneliness, boredom, and despair that can afflict people in their later years. Our goal is to develop an atmosphere in which team members, family members, and the community work together to ensure that people who have long term care needs are given the opportunity to pursue active, fulfilling lives. Come enjoy our comfortable rooms, and experience “Ordinary Things Done with Extraordinary Love.”

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